We are
Fundición Ramírez
(Ramírez foundry)

Fundición Ramírez Zona Franca S.A.S is a company created in august of 2000 with the initiative of the Ramírez Jiménez family, heirs of a great family tradition of more than forty-five years (45) in the national market selling jewelry.

at the very beginning of the company  “Fundición Ramírez Ltda” was created, and in 2003 the company was classified as CI, in 2012 twith the purpose of generate a positive impact as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of gold and with the opening of its offices in the free zone of Palmaseca was born “FUNDICION RAMIREZ ZONA FRANCA SAS” as an industrial user of Assets, whose main objective is to be a Gold Marketer, responsible for buying, melting and being the best gold exporter for international refiners.

We want to be the best gold exporter for international refiners.

Manager of FR

Since its foundation, it has been the philosophy of buying gold for its transformation into a free zone and then dispatching to our customers in the world. Our commitment to the purchase of gold from the mine generates confidence in the international refiners, and as an exporter of gold bars of excellent quality that responds to their needs and expectations, in terms of quality, opportunity and confidence.

The solid road record of Fundición Ramírez Zona Franca S.A.S. represents a wide knowledge and experience as a gold trader and exporter, with principles of loyalty, precision, reliability, compliance, responsibility, with the guidelines required by the Law in the mining sector of the country, which  identifies us as a reliable precious metals marketer for  the international refiners.


We are a Vallecaucana company with social responsibility, dedicated to the purchase, smelting and export of gold, we generate benefits to our shareholders and collaborators.

We are known for do efficient and transparent negotiations with our customers and suppliers, with strictly fulfillment with the regulations for  this activity in Colombia.


To be recognized as the best gold trader in Colombia, for its quality, reliability, safety, compliance and consolidate our image with the financial sector, value transporters and international refiners.

Quality politics

In FUNDICION RAMIREZ ZONA FRANCA SAS we are committed to quality, safety and continuous improvement of all our processes by:

The welfare of our employees, maintaining a safe work environment.

Comprehensive risk management to ensure the continuity of our operations.

Compliance with national and international legal and tax requirements on behalf of governmental entities of the State.

Efficient, transparent negotiations and personalized service in gold marketing that provides security and confidence to our customers and suppliers.

Sustained and profitable growth, generating benefits for our shareholders.

Quality objetives

  1. To ensure the sustainability of the business through ethical, transparent and responsible management.

  2. To comply with the legal requirements applicable to the organization.

  3. To guarantee transparency and legality in purchasing processes within a mutually beneficial relationship.
  4. To ensure customer satisfaction through both an excellent product and service.

  5. To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.

  6. To promote the development of skills and awareness of staff as well as relationships of respect and trust among employees at all levels of the organization. All of the before takes place in a healthy and safe work environment, which generates a sense of belonging to the organization.

  7. To promote a production system that is friendly to the environment.

Supply Chain Security Management System


Ramírez Zona Franca SAS Foundation, as a gold trader, is committed to maintaining and improving risk management and pertinent controls to guarantee the adequate and transparent administration of its resources. This is especially true with regard to the legitimate origin of the precious metal. Likewise, there is a commitment to risk management associated with the hiring of personnel, computer security, the security of export operations and the involvement of business associates. This through integrity and safe processes managed by suitable, capable and competent personnel. The staff fully complies with current legal regulations for the prevention of illegal activities and is supported by the continuous improvement of the Security Management System of the supply chain.


  1. To continuously manage the risks and threats associated with the export of gold carried out by Ramírez Foundation.

  2. To ensure compliance with the legal requirements and the requirements defined by the company on the part of the business associates.

  3. To develop staff skills in identifying and managing risks associated with the supply chain.

Safety Goals

  1. To carry out export operations without news regarding security and compliance with legal requirements. 

  2. To increase the performance of suppliers of critical material for the supply chain security.

  3. To strengthen the controls of risks generated by human factors, placing the residual risk level in a moderate zone.