About us

Fundición Ramírez Zona Franca S.A.S is a company that was born in August 2000 with the initiative of the Ramírez Jiménez family, heirs of a great family tradition of more than forty-five years (45) in the national market selling jewelry.

somos fundicion ramirez sas

In principle, the company Fundición Ramírez Ltda was created, and in 2003 the company was classified as CI, becoming known as CI Fundición Ramírez and in 2012 to generate a positive impact as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of gold and with the opening of its offices in the Palmaseca Free Trade Zone, FUNDICION RAMIREZ ZONA FRANCA S.A.S. as an industrial user of Goods, whose main objective is to be a Gold Trader, responsible for buying, melting and being the best exporter of gold for international refiners.