Purchase gold from suppliers

In Fundición Ramírez Zona Franca S.A.S, we buy gold from suppliers duly registered with the National Mining Agency  and the DIAN, which allows us to sell gold from the mine in compliance with all the legal regulations  in the national territory.

Gold Foundry

In our ample and safe facilities duly equipped with all the necessary elements, the gold casting process is carried out safely and without unjustified waste.

zona franca palmaseca

Basic industries of precious metals

We are a company classified as industrial goods, strategically located in the Palmaseca Free Zone, very close to the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport to expedite the response  to our customers in the process of exporting gold and dispatching to the exterior.

Gold Analysis - Fire Test

We have a modern laboratory for the analysis of gold by the fire test method, in order to do it safety the way of the determination of purity, this gold analysis generates confidence to our suppliers and customer, who have the security with respect to all the processes of gold marketing, purchase price and sale price of gram.

Gold Export

Our commitment is to meet the demand of our customers from out of the country, we are currently exporting to the United States and India. We have qualified personnel in all processes to attend and manage your requests efficiently

Exportación de Oro

Atlas Group of Integral Security

We have a comprehensive safety scheme for the transfer of material using recognized conveyors